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About GEM

GEM at a glance

Watch a 6 min introduction video showing our core objectives and goals, with interviews from a wide selection of organisations and experts, our partners and scientists jointly calling for a collaborative international effort to reduce earthquake risk and to empower risk resilience and risk mitigation worldwide.



Vulnerability to earthquakes is increasing, yet reliable risk assessment tools and data are out of reach in many areas of the world. Also, there are no global standards that allow us to compare approaches for risk analysis, while recent events have taught us that we need to work together globally to understand earthquake behaviour and consequences better.

GEM was created to bridge this critical gap, and hereby support risk awareness and actions that increase resilience.



The GEM Foundation works in 4 main areas:

  • Development and maintenance of high-quality earthquake risk assessment tools;
  • Collection and generation of earthquake risk information (datasets, models, methods and guidelines);
  • Development and implementation of collaborative risk assessment projects at various scales;
  • Technology Transfer and Capacity Development.

GEM's core functions

To access our tools, risk information and much more of the resources that we are making available, start using the OpenQuake Platform and become part of the community. An overview of all products and services can be found here.

For an overview of our achievements up to 2013, read GEM "Celebrating Achievements & Looking Forward" document.

The people behind GEM

GEM is a collaborative effort. Thousands of individuals contribute time, effort and knowledge to the effort in various ways: as active participant in one of the eleven global projects, using and testing our software – in particular the OpenQuake Engine –reviewing early outcomes and participating in one of our many meetings and workshops. Meet many of the community on GEM Nexus.

The non-profit and independent GEM Foundation drives the effort. The GEM Foundation comprises a Governing Board with representatives from governmental agencies and private companies who became a participant and fund the effort. Together with prominent international organisations they guide the initiative. A Science Board of renowned experts in their field oversees developments from a scientific/technical point of view. Acting as GEM’s CEO, the Secretary General leads an operational secretariat that resides in Pavia, Italy, wchich carries out GEM's core functions together with parters from around the globe. Learn more about how we are organised and how you can partner with us.

A Model Facility and Testing & Evaluation Facility are independent bodies within the foundation. The first carries out all software development and the latter tests and validates outcomes. Operations Managers oversee activities in a number of regions of the world.