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  • 25 public and private participants investing in the effort
  • 1292 people participated in GEM events and meetings worldwide
  • €10+ million invested in global projects


  • 512 scientists participated in regional workshops
  • 11 regional collaborations initiated around the globe


  • 713 international experts involved in projects, discussion and review
  • 825 earthquakes in the historical catalogue
  • 133 building typologies categorised in the global building taxonomy
  • 20,000 relocated events in the instrumental catalogue
  • 142 countries for which building data is featured in the global exposure database
  • 22,400 GPS measurements of plate motion form the basis for the geodetic strain rate model
  • 1127 scientific publications processed for the global instrumental catalogue
  • 63 events in the earthquake consequences database
  • 1x1km is data resolution of the global exposure database
  • 136,000 datapoints in the geodetic strain rate model


  • 80+ countries where the OpenQuake engine has been used and tested
  • 5130 ruptures computed in less than 8 minutes
  • 350+ users have tested the open-source OpenQuake engine
  • 88,000+ lines of OpenQuake engine and library code
  • 42,000+ lines of test code
  • 1300 code reviews completed


  • 4,200 downloads of ISC-GEM catalogue
  • 100+ downloads of the Android app for IDC