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Tools | 30 May 2014

4,200 downloads of the ISC-GEM catalogue

The ISC-GEM catalogue has recently reached a stunning 4,200 downloads since it was released in 2013, hence in less than 15 months. The success of the dataset, certainly due to the uniform processing and relocation of more than 20.000 events since 1900, also reflects its multidisciplinary use in a wide range of parallel studies, going from the inner structure of the earth, to earthquake forecasting, to nuclear power plant siting research. Some 14 scientific papers have already been published that use the catalog, including independent analyses of its magnitudes of completeness with time (M?6.8 since 1918), and its magnitude consistency.

The project to develop the catalogue was coordinated by Dr. Dimitry A. Storchak, who will receive the 2014 GEM Outstanding Contribution Award for leadership and his development of the Catalogue. In this case, GEM served as an enabling agency for the project, by providing funds otherwise difficult to obtain. GEM hopes that other public institutions and private companies will now join to help the ISC curate and augment the catalog so it remains the best possible resource for seismic hazard assessments and fundamental research in the public trust.

Among Dmitry’s future plans: the improvement of the catalogue by extending to 2010-2014, the reduction of the minimum magnitude cut-off in the period 1918-1960 to M=5.5, and for the period 1900-1917, to M=6.8, Including these smaller but still damaging earthquakes that have been recorded instrumentally would enhance its value.


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