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About GEM

1. GEM Foundation Secretariat

The GEM Foundation Secretariat is currently hosted by the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE), a non-profit Foundation with permanent duration and with its own working premises, which provides the GEM Foundation with the location, facilities and services necessary to carry out the activities envisaged in GEM Statute.

GEM Secretariat Human Resources comprises fixed and affiliated staff members, operating in five different Areas: Administration and Service Office; Coordination and Management; Outreach and Communication; Technical Office and The Executive Committee, the body through which the implementation of the scientific activities is operationally coordinated and enforced within the GEM Secretariat.The activities of the Secretariat Areas are overseen by the Secretary General and by the Deputy Secretary General.

 GEM Foundation Secretariat Organigram (to be included)

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2. GEM Working Conditions

2.1 Office Buildings

GEM offices are located in the EUCENTRE 3 (E3) building, with the exception of GEM Secretarial Officer’s working station, which is located in EUCENTRE 2 (E2) building.

Please check the following floor plans incorporating all EUCENTRE buildings: E1 E2 E3 Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor and Top Floor E1 and E2 for a detailed map of the office spaces.

GEM Coordination and Management offices are located on the 2nd floor of E3.
GEM Scientific and Technical offices are located on the 1st floor of E3.
GEM Secretarial and Administration Services office is located on the top floor of E2.
GEM Secretariat facilities are open between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Fridays.
The Secretariat working premises follow the Italian state and national calendar holidays.

2.2 After-hours Access

After-hours access to the working premises is restricted to GEM staff and students with valid keys and key cards, and to Eucentre’s office-cleaning company designated personnel. Please see section Useful Information for collecting your building pass and office keys. GEM offices are generally accessible at any time, to enable any member of personnel to carry out the work required by the position covered without limitations. 

In order to be able to stay in the office outside normal working hours, please ensure that you sign up for the health and safety course that needs to be attended for after-hours access to the working premises. To apply please ask the Technical Office, located on the top floor of E2, first door on the right, after the entrance hall.

2.3 Work Schedule

Typically working hours are set on forty (40) hours per week. Full-time employees are generally expected to work Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with about an hour for lunch break. This typical scenario may vary depending on the type of your employment contract (Permanent or Project Based). The employment contract generally used by the GEM Foundation to hire Permanent employees follows the Italian National Contract for the Employees of Private Lay Schools (CCNL), and on the position covered within the GEM Foundation. Please follow your contract and ask your Area Responsible for any adjustments to your work schedule, so that you can explore together different scenarios and ensure that your working team is informed at all times.

GEM generally offers a very flexible working environment, nevertheless it is your responsibility to accomplish each task, to execute, and to coordinate the administrative and scientific objectives of the GEM Foundation, ensuring the highest standards of performance and respecting deadlines.

Every four (4) to six (6) weeks you will be asked to attend the Sprint Planning meeting. Depending on your area, the Sprint meetings are currently organised as: Science; IT; and Administration Management and Communications Strategy Sprints. Before each meeting you will be requested to fill in your tasks and assign time estimates and priorities for the upcoming weeks; while at the meeting you will have a chance to discuss with your team any adjustments and changes to your work schedule.

2.4 Overtime

You are free to decide to work over weekends and/or bank holidays, and to work overtime. Please remember that GEM policy excludes overtime practices from its payroll system: hence there is no overtime pay. Typically all hours worked in excess of forty (40) per week will be considered as necessary to carry out the functions required by your position within the GEM Foundation.

2.5 Sick Leave

Depending on your employment contract and position covered, generally you are entitled to a fixed number of days of paid sick leave per calendar year, for personal illness, doctor and other health appointments or for illness of a family member.

Permanent employees are entitled to the following days of paid sick leave:

  • integration of 100% paid days from the first to the third day of sick leave (1st-3rd);
  • integration of 75% from the fourth to the twentieth day of sick leave (4th-20th);
  • integration of 100% from the twenty first to the one hundred and eightieth day (21st-180th).

Please remember to promptly notify GEM Secretarial Officer, and your Area Responsible in case of sick leave. Depending on your contract, you may be required to send a copy of the valid Medical Certificate from your General Practitioner, or Specialist Doctor, to Luisa Corona Please check with your Area Responsible if in doubt.

2.6 Personal Leave

Generally you should not exceed a total of twenty-six (26) hours per annum of personal leave (taking time off for several personal reasons, including but not limited to medical visits), and no compensation will be provided for unused hours. Any lateness or absence from work should be promptly notified to your Area Responsible.

2.7 Annual Leave

Depending on your employment contract, you are generally entitled to thirty-three (33) days of paid vacation leave per annum, including national festivities.

  • No compensation will be provided for unused vacation leave days.
  • The number of paid vacation leave days does not depend on years of employment, but depends on the workload demands and on the position covered.
  • Your vacation leave should be previously agreed with your Area Responsible and then the Secretary General should give the final approval.
  • Depending on your contract, you should inform via email Luisa Corona ( of any approved vacation leave.

We suggest that you regularly update the GEM shared Google Calendar of Staff Holidays, noting any leave time and vacation periods. Please make sure that you have access to the GEM Calendar, to be added to the shared Google Calendar please contact

2.8 Maternity Leave

Typically the entitlement is of a total of five (5) months of paid maternity leave, to be split either two (2) month before, and three (3) months after delivery date; or one (1) month before and four (4) months after delivery date, depending on health conditions of the individual. The above work schedule guidelines may vary depending on your contract and on the working terms and conditions agreed with your Area Responsible and approved by GEM Secretary General.

2.9 Employee Separation

Separation is the act that terminates an employee’s relationship with their employer. Resignation is a voluntary separation initiated by the employee, and terminations and lay-offs are separations initiated by the employer.

Generally, you may resign from your job at any time, with at least thirty (30) days written notice. The same right applies to the GEM Foundation. It is the responsibility of GEM Secretary General to sign and send out any letter of termination of employment relationship.

If you resign or interrupt your work you must surrender all badges, keys and any other GEM property in your possession. Please agree with your Area Supervisor, together with GEM Secretary-General approval, any job interruptions.


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3. Office Equipment and Tools

3.1  Stationery and Procurement of Consumables and Services

GEM Secretarial Officer is responsible for the office stationery supplies, including printer’s ink cartridges and paper.
For procurement of consumables and services, please ensure to receive your Area Responsible approval prior to submitting any purchasing written request to GEM Secretarial Officer.

3.2  IT Equipment and IT Support

To ensure that you have all the necessary equipment and tools to carry out the functions required by the position covered, you will be assisted by your Area Responsible.
Any request for new IT equipment, including but not limited to laptops, software, program license keys, must be submitted to GEM System Administrator
For any issue related to your IT equipment maintenance, and for any IT support requests, you may contact GEM System Administrator,

3.3 Communication Tools

When you become part of the GEM Foundation, you will be created your own personal [AT] email account.
This email address will be automatically added to the office mailing list, for important communications and announcements to members of staff.

You will also be assigned a personal or shared office telephone, depending on the position of your working station. Please contact GEM System Administrator for the assignment of a telephone number. The complete list of telephone numbers are available from the EUCENTRE intranet ‘Interni Telefonici’.

3.4 Remote Communication Tool

At GEM we use Skype as our main remote communication channel, for short voice and text chats among staff members. For meetings and longer calls we generally use Google Hangout, available at Google Plus.
We recommend that you open your own Skype account for work purposes, and that you are logged in during working hours.
Skype can be extremely useful when you are not working from the office buildings, or may be away on GEM business journeys.  Skype ‘Status’ options may be used to show your availability to other colleagues who are online.


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4. Working Environment and General Requirements

4.1 Health and Safety

a) The Health and Safety procedures of the Secretariat Host (Eucentre) shall apply to the entire office area used by GEM employees. The Health and Safety procedures regulating GEM working conditions comply with the Italian D. Lgs 81/08, “Testo unico in materia di salute e sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro” (Standards regarding Health and Safety in working environments) and they are constantly reviewed in accordance with the most recent laws, released by the Italian Government.
In line with the requirements of D. Lgs 81/08 (Standards regarding Health & Safety in working environments) a specific number of external consultants and members of personnel shall be trained by the employer and nominated responsible of: Prevention and Protection, Safety Procedures, First Aid, Fire emergency Procedures.

b) GEM employees are also covered by an insurance provided by the Secretariat Host (Eucentre). Moreover a policy covering GEM’s civil responsibility on the working place (with respect to Italian Law) is also in place.

c) If you sustain any accidents on the job you should immediately notify your Area Responsible. The Area Responsible should immediately notify the person responsible for Prevention and Protection, who is responsible for filling out the necessary forms, to be sent to the Chief Administrative Officer, and for contacting the external Medical Consultant.

d) The Chief Administrative Officer shall then forward the necessary forms to the external Labor Consultants, in charge of opening the procedures for determination of benefit eligibility.

e) Travel Insurance: If you travel frequently for the GEM Foundation to carry out your activity, please, do inform the secretariat in case you do not have a personal travel insurance, thus to enable us to provide you with and insurance suitable for travel. Here below a couple of insurance companies, for your information:

4.2 Employee Disciplinary Requirements

GEM expects you to act in conformance to the principles of fairness and good faith, and you should respect the following duties:

  • Collaborate efficiently, observing all Health and Safety regulations and GEM working environment’s internal policies.
  • Respect GEM work schedule.
  • Maintain a correct and fair conduct in all interpersonal relations inside GEM working environment.
  • Respect the GEM Foundation office areas, taking care of all furniture, objects and equipment present in the work environment.
  • Any property of the GEM Foundation should be used exclusively for working purposes.
  • Comply with any practice related to data policy and security of records of the GEM Foundation.
  • Do not use any GEM reserved information, generated or disclosed inside the GEM Foundation, for private purposes. Reserved information includes:
    • Agreements and contracts between the GEM Foundation and any Third Party
    • Financial Information regarding the GEM Foundation and any of its Participants
    • Banking information, including debit credit card details of the Foundation and of any of its members and partners.
    • Financial Information regarding the GEM Foundation and GEM staff members
    • Negotiations between GEM and Third Parties
    • Creative contents related to GEM such as logos, branding, web designs
    • Meetings, Conference and Telephone Calls conversations between GEM and Third Parties
    • Credentials created to access electronic devices for staff members and guests
    • Data sets, databases, archives and any other digital content which has been explicitly identified as private and/or is present in a private repository.
    • Scientific and/or Technical Progress and Financial Reports content
    • GEM Reports and any other document, which have been identified as ‘internal’ and/or are present in a private repository.

If in doubt please ask your Area Responsible.

4.3 Sexual Harassment

The GEM Foundation prohibits any form of physical, verbal, visual or sexual harassment of any of its employees in the work place by any person. You should comply with the code of conduct against sexual harassment of the Italian Contratto Collettivo Nazionale Di Lavoro (National Work Contract).

4.4 Mobbing

Mobbing phenomenology is intended as a form of moral or psychological violation on the workplace, actuated by a group of employees or by the employer, against an employee. Mobbing may also be referred to as ‘workplace bullying’.
The GEM Foundation refers to the European Union resolution dated 20th September 2001, for procedures and initiatives to contrast the diffusion of workplace bullying, and for adequate measures that shall prevent dangerous consequences for the physical and mental well being of the employee. The GEM Foundation shall adopt all the necessary measures to improve the quality and safety of the working environment.


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5. Pay Procedures

5.1 Salaries Payment

Typically GEM employees are paid monthly on the 28th day of each month.
Your pay will be electronically deposited into the account indicated at the moment of signing your contract.
For each pay period, you will receive a statement of gross earnings, authorised deductions, reimbursements, if any, and net earning. Your payroll is available for collection at the end of each calendar month, from the GEM Secretariat tray, GEM Secretariat, top floor of the E2 building.

You are kindly asked to communicate any change of your bank account details to GEM Secretarial Officer.

5.2 Salary Adjustment/Evaluation

GEM Governing Board fixes the objectives of the GEM Foundation for each calendar year.
Each year GEM Governing Board evaluates the work carried out by GEM Secretariat staff, in terms of how the objectives initially fixed have been met. On the basis of this evaluation, GEM Governing Board may recommend the Secretary General to consider a financial incentive for the members of GEM Secretariat, in the form of a performance bonus and/or a salary increase.
The height and distribution of performance bonuses and salary adjustments is left to the discretion of GEM Secretary General, who has the responsibility of awarding any financial incentive in recognition of outstanding performance and service to GEM.


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6. Travel Policies

6.1 GEM Business Journeys

By GEM business journeys it is intended any travel made to attend meetings, conferences, seminars for outreach, management or scientific scopes.
Travel and insurance arrangements related to any GEM business journey should be the responsibility of GEM Secretarial Officer.
Please ensure to receive your Area Responsible’s approval, before sending any desired travel details to GEM secretarial Officer, for your business journey booking.
You will only be able to claim travel expenses against the cost of GEM business journeys. Travel expenses generally refer to those occasions when you need to travel to or from a certain workplace or location because of your job requirements within the GEM Foundation.
Business journeys don't include:

  • Ordinary commuting - when you travel between home (or private location that is not a workplace) and a place which counts as a permanent workplace
  • Private journeys, which are not part of your normal job requirements.

6.2 Modes of Transport

The selection regarding the mode of transport chosen should be made with GEM Secretarial Officer. Final travel arrangements are subject to your Area Responsible’s approval and should reflect all aspects of the situation including health, safety and environmental considerations and any disability of the individual.

In general, public transport is the GEM Foundation’s preferred mode of transport, however, it is recognised that the traveller will need to decide what method of transport is appropriate given the number of destinations, distance, time of travel and value for money.

a) Rail (Public Transport)

Standard class travel is the GEM Foundation norm for all employees, if you opt for any upgrades you must meet the cost yourself. Wherever possible and assuming it is cost beneficial to do so, you should arrange rail and air fares through GEM Secretarial Officer, who shall contact GEM nominated travel agents for travel advice. In case the services of GEM nominated travel agents are not used, you must obtain a receipt.

b) Air (Public Transport)

  • The selection of air travel is permitted provided that it is cost effective, this could include saving on overnight stays and staff time. Air travel should be booked through the most cost effective method and economy class travel is the GEM Foundation norm for all employees, with the exception of the Secretary General when carrying out intercontinental flights.
  • All bookings would normally be through GEM Secretarial Officer, who shall contact GEM nominated travel agents for quotations and advice on travel options.
  • You may notify GEM Secretarial Officer of alternative convenient and efficient travel arrangements, which may be booked online (usually using GEM credit card) through GEM Secretarial Officer, if this invokes a cost saving.

c) Taxi

Taxis may be used on business location where public transport is unavailable – e.g. either early in the morning or late in the evening or where no service is available, no other means of transport are available.

d) Use of Own Vehicles

If you wish to use your own vehicles for GEM business journeys, you may do so at the following conditions:

  • Mileage reimbursement is currently set on 0,25 Euro/Km
  • The cost of daily travel between home and the normal place of work is regarded as your own responsibility; therefore normal home to work mileage should be deducted from any mileage claim you will make.
  • You may only claim mileage incurred in excess of your normal home to business mileage, when traveling directly to or from home, on a business trip.

6.3 Accommodation

To book any accommodation facility, please contact GEM Secretarial Officer and provide all relevant travel information.
GEM Secretarial Officer shall use GEM’s nominated travel agents, for quotations and advice on accommodation options.
Accommodation should be booked through the most cost effective method taking into consideration any distance from the business place. It is the GEM Foundation’s norm to provide, whenever possible, the same accommodation facility to all employees travelling on the same business journey.

6.4 Visas

For any Visa requests, necessary for GEM overseas business journeys, you should contact GEM Secretarial Officer for guidance.
Employees may be required to visit the embassies to organise and collect their visas.
Please remember to allow enough number of days/weeks for the processing of such documents, as required by Consulates/Embassies, when requesting your Visa.

6.5 Reimbursement Claims for Business Journeys

The GEM Foundation shall reimburse mission expenses related to GEM business trips, if not directly booked through GEM’s nominated travel agents by GEM Secretarial Officer. Those may include, but are not limited to, the costs you sustained for meals and drinks, Internet connection, conference fees and other expenses such as taxi fares and car hire not booked through GEM’s nominated travel agents.

If the travel expenses you sustained are claimed and authorised strictly in accordance with GEM Policy and Procedures, payments (reimbursements) are not subject to income tax. Please ask GEM Secretarial Officer for consulting a copy of GEM Travel Policy and Procedures.

  • Claims should only be made for amounts actually spent and receipts shall be provided at all times for expenses actually and necessarily incurred.
  • Expenses to be reimbursed following a business trip must be submitted using the Expenses Refund form. For the excel version of the GEM reimbursement form, please contact GEM Secretarial Officer.
  • You must print a record of the expenses submitted, with the original receipts attached and submit them to GEM Secretarial Officer.
    If you are travelling in Italy and your claim exceeds 15€ per day, please ensure that your expenses are supported by either an invoice or the corresponding fiscal receipt, to avoid being taxed over your reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement claims must be submitted to GEM Secretarial Officer within the 21st day of each month. Expenses should be claimed within two (2) months from the effective date on which the expense was incurred.
  • Payments for claimed expenses related to business journeys will be included in your monthly payroll, the one immediately following.
  • If you have bought a flight without the assistance of GEM’S nominated travel agents, in order to be reimbursed, it is mandatory for the Secretarial Officer to receive all of your boarding passes.


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7. Employee Benefits

7.1 Accommodation

Through a bilateral agreement between the GEM Foundation and the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE), GEM has access to a number of accommodation facilities at Cardinale Agostino Riboldi (CAR) college. Any CAR college accommodation requests, should be discussed with GEM Secretary-General.

If you are staying at CAR college and have any enquiry to make, please send an email to with GEM Secretarial Officer in carbon copy.

7.2 Training

Currently a formalised structure is not in place, however should you wish to follow a training course or participating to conferences and/or workshops contact your Area Responsible.

7.3 Appraisals

Currently a formalised structure is not in place, however should you wish to evaluate your work performance, please contact your Area Responsible for feedback.

7.4 Pension Schemes

Currently the GEM Foundation does not provide a pension scheme of its own. However being a foundation based in Italy, you shall benefit from Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale INPS.

7.5 Health Insurance

Currently the GEM Foundation does not provide a private health insurance of its own, however you shall benefit from the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), which is the national health insurance in Italy. Please check with ASL Pavia for SSN coverage.


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8. Other Useful Information

8.1 Access to GEM Working Premises

GEM pass cards to access the working premises are available at the Eucentre Technical Office, located on the top floor of E2, first door on the right, after the entrance hall. GEM pass cards allow access to the office buildings at any time.

Standard office hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday (please note that the Technical Office in E2, and the EUCENTRE Secretariat in E2 close at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays).
The Technical Office also provides GEM staff with the necessary set of keys to access working spaces and/or personal offices. A 25€ deposit is required for the keys. In case of any lost keys, you must immediately inform the Technical Office. 

When terminating or interrupting your work, you must return all pass cards and keys in your possession to the Technical Office.

8.2 Recycling Points

GEM working premises are fitted with separate bins to enable everyone to help recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass. Each working station is fitted with two sets of small bins.

The collection point for paper and plastic for E3, 1st floor offices, is located in the Printers’ room.
The common ‘relax-kitchen’ room located on the 2nd floor of the E3 building, contains separate bins for disposal of food waste, paper, plastics, glass and cans.
Another paper collection bin is also located by the printer of the open space, on the 2nd floor.

Paper collection points are emptied weekly, every Friday morning. Plastic, glass and cans collection takes place once a week, usually during the week-end.

8.3 Leaving the Working Premises

Whenever leaving the office premises, you must ensure that all your belongings are safely locked in the storage cabinets and drawers provided in each office and in the open space areas.
The main entrance doors leading access to GEM offices, E3 building 1st and 2nd floor, must be kept closed at all times.
Please ensure that all the lights are switched off and the main office entrance doors are locked, when being the last one to leave the working premises.

8.4 Car Park

The parking space in front of the E3 building is reserved for all the holders of the main gate pass card.
Alternatively the University parking area around the Eucentre buildings can be used.
The University common parking areas are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Fridays.

For any queries regarding the aforementioned sections of GEM working premises, you can contact the Eucentre Technical Office, located on the top floor of E2, first door on the right, after the entrance hall. Opening times Mon-Thurs: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fri: 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

8.5 Parcels and Post

Generally all the GEM Foundation post is collected at the EUCENTRE Secretariat. The Secretariat, located at the top floor of the E2 building, is fitted with trays where you can check your correspondence.
If you need to send a parcel please contact GEM Secretarial Officer for courier booking and posting.
If you are to receive a parcel through the Secretariat please provide the following address:

GEM Foundation
Via Ferrata 1
27100 Pavia


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9. Facilities and Services

9.1 Bus

To get to the GEM office buildings, there are two local bus lines that run from city centre and Pavia train station, to Via Ferrata 1, just outside the EUCENTRE buildings.

Buses # 3 and # 6 run around every 5-10 minutes at peak hours, and up to 15-20 minutes throughout the day (check the bus schedule at the bus stop or on

The bus journey generally takes around 20-30 minutes to Pavia train station and city centre.
Bus tickets may be purchased in tabaccherie “Tabacchi” (Tobacconist and newsagents shops), please check ticket fares here:

9.2 Food and Drinks

In the E2 building, basement floor, you can find a selection of snacks and soft drinks available at the vending machines, as well as a coffee machine.
In the ‘Nave’ Engineering Department of the University of Pavia, the bar called ‘La Bouvette dell’Ingegnere’ serves hot paninis, toasts and drinks.
There is also the ‘Mensa’, a canteen which is open for academics and people working in the immediate surroundings of the University. Mensa 'Unigest' is situated in via Ferrata 20.
A selection of hot and cold dishes is also served at the bar of the Campusacquae, the leisure centre located close by to the University building.
There is a supermarket in Via Fratelli Cervi 11, called UNES, which is at walking distance from the EUCENTRE buildings.

9.3 ATM Cash Machines

There is one cash machine of Banca Popolare Commercio Industria located in the Engineering Dep. car park of the University of Pavia, on the side of Via Ferrata, opposite the Department of Engineering Mechanics.


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