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announcements | 12 Jul 2013

2013 GEM Outstanding Contribution Award

Laurentiu Danciu, senior researcher at Swiss Seismological Service, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, was awarded with the 2013 GEM Outstanding Contribution Award, at the past GEM Reveal 2013 (25-26 June 2013).

Engraved in the crystal plaque awarded to Laurentiu are the words: "Through Laurentiu's deep involvement in Regional Programmes, his transformative role in training scientists on OpenQuake, and his work to help build and test the Engine and Platform, he has contributed profoundly to all aspects of GEM's mission."

“Laurentiu’s work has had a tremendous impact on the global earthquake risk assessment, collaborative effort” said Rui Pinho, GEM Secretary-General, “going beyond the call of duty, and reaching out to the international community to support the uptake of new tools and resources developed for earthquake risk assessment”.

Welcomed by the unanimous applause of GEM Reveal participants, Laurentiu expressed his gratitude to all that supported the efforts of GEM’s first regional program: Seismic Hazard hARmonization in Europe (SHARE). He acknowledged the contributions from the scientific community, highlighting the importance of working together with local and regional experts and setting a new standard for collaboratively assessing earthquake hazard and risk on a global scale.

Laurentiu proceeded in presenting a tale, “The model that grew out of a map”, detailing the journey from a single map – the “European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map” produced by the ESC-SESAME project in 2003 – to a dynamic platform for publishing complete seismic hazard models and results. The story illustrates the challenges of creating a symbiosis between software and models, the difficulties in harmonizing data sets across national borders, and the complexity of performing large-scale analysis. Laurentiu ended his story on a philosophical note, raising questions about accessing, interacting with, and visualizing data in the context of the OpenQuake Platform as foreseen by GEM.

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