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events | 27 Apr 2017

Round up of GEM participation to recent events (March - April)

During the last two months, GEM participated in a number of events in various countries. Here’s a list of GEM’s participation to some notable gatherings.

  • 69th EERI Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA - March 7-10, 2017

Robin Gee with OGS presented Case Studies Modeling Complex Fault Sources in Seismic Hazard Assessment


  • Extreme Events and Climate Risk Forum - Scientific Seminar: How will risk modelling shape the future of risk transfer? Paris, France - March 9, 2017

John Schneider participated in the discussion on 'How Risk Modelling can Innovate Extreme Events and Climate Risk Management' at the scientific forum.


  • IDD2017 Istanbul Development Dialogues 2017: Risk and resilience, Istanbul, Turkey - March 23-24, 2017

John Schneider shared seismic risk resilience in Europe and Central Asia



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