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impact | 18 Apr 2016

Supporting response and recovery in Ecuador after the April 16, 2016 M7.8 earthquake

The GEM Foundation's Integrated Risk Team has put together a blog post with estimates of the impact of the M7.8 Ecuador earthquake which struck the northern coast of Ecuador on 16 April, 2016.


The blog draws on the results of our South American Risk Assessment (SARA) project - supported by the SwissRe Foundation - and offers information to the science and engineering community which can be used to initiate further analysis of the event. Meanwhile, we are in touch with our colleagues and collaborators in Ecuador and continue to work with them to offer additional assistance.

As more information becomes available, and depending on interest, we can further tailor analysis to the disaster response/recovery community.

Kindly let us have your comments on the usefulness of this document and for further information, please reach out to our team at



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