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meetings | 12 Jul 2013

GEM Reveal Summer 2013

Take a journey into GEM REVEAL Summer 2013: inspiring talks, innovative science and cutting-edge tools and technology

The 125 international experts and stakeholders attending the event were enthused and delighted to see the progress made by GEM. The completed Global Hazards Datasets, the launch of the OpenQuakeEngine v1.0, the engagement of the community, and the openess of GEM discussions, contributed to the success of the event. However, as many of the participants reported, what truly made the difference was "GEM people" .

Guest stars at the event were GEM "Science Booths", eight unique areas built to facilitate knowledge-sharing and in-depth discussions on GEM projects, findings, and tools. A unique opportunity for participants to meet the people behind GEM, and a great chance for developers and researchers to meet users, practitioners and businesses, and better understand current needs in risk assessment and how GEM can support its partners and stakeholders.

The programme included presentations, discussions and hands-on experiences, here below you can find the presentations of the plenary sessions, sneak-peeks from the science booths (more coming soon) and a synthesis from the discussion sessions. 




Plenary Sessions Presentations

Questions and Answers 1st session (Opens a Google Doc)

Questions and Answers 2nd Session (Opens a Google Doc)

Questions and Answers 3rd Session (Opens a Google Doc)

 Science Booths

Synthesis from the Discussion Sessions

GEM_Reveal_Discussion Board
What's next for GEM? Open discussion about GEM 2014-2018 (Opens a Google doc) 





GEM discussion session on risk communication
 Open discussion about GEM risk communication issues (Opens a Google doc)


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