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meetings | 22 Jun 2013

GEM Stakeholder Workshop at UN Global Platform 2013

Fifty-five stakeholders ranging from Turkey’s minister of Health to an NGO interested in public-private partnerships to the Iran Housing Foundation attended this workshop. 


The session explained how the global collaborative GEM effort is trying to change the landscape of earthquake risk assessment, by leveraging science for the benefit of society and developing open software, global databases and an interactive platform for profound risk assessment. The non-profit GEM Foundation underpinning the effort is funded and governed through a public-private partnership. There are hundreds of people and organisations involved in GEM, working on global and regional scales, which makes it a unique and inclusive effort. This clearly also poses challenges, but nevertheless in 4 years time much has been achieved already and GEM is used as an example for open collaboration worldwide.

The session clearly demonstrated the need for risk information products that can be produced with the tools that are developed within the scope of GEM, such as cost-benefit analyses. The resources, technological support and trainings that GEM provides will help to make sure the tools can be put to use.

It also opened the dialogue of how we can collaborate better for more informed decision-making. There is still a gap between knowledge producers and practitioners, and GEM is starting to bridge the gaps, but cannot do it alone. Collaborations and individual inputs are key to go all the way from global to local risk assessment; collaborations on data, joint development of (city) scenarios, sharing of knowledge and risk information through the OpenQuake platform. This way the databases, risk assessments and other products will become increasingly more valuable for risk management and DRR (investment) decisions at local scales. Many participants were interested in how to become more involved in GEM for example as a public (funding) participant or through strategic projects on regional, national and even local scale. 

Take Aways

  • There is a need for profound risk (science-based, quantitative) assessment to underpin DRR decisions and investments
  • We need to have a more informed and lively dialogue on how to bridge the gaps between knowledge producers and practitioners
  • Open tools and data, as well as data sharing are key themes if we want to advance the DRR agenda
  • Collaboration is key to advancing risk assessment for many types of actors and organisations, to manage their risk as basis to more resilient societies. Public-private partnerships can play an important role in this and there are good examples out there of how this can be made to work effectively. 

For the two slidesets we used and original announcement, go the Global Platform 2013 page on the event. 

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