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OpenQuake | 19 Apr 2013

The OpenQuake Engine featured in a Natural Hazards publication

Vitor Silva, Helen Crowley, Marco Pagani, Damiano Monelli and Rui Pinho wrote the article on the Engine on which they have been working intensively an experienced software development team and in interaction with scientists around the globe.

At the moment of writing the OpenQuake Engine was still very much being developed, and now we are already close to release of version 1.0, envisaged for June.

The engine is being checked out by more and more scientists and other experts from around the globe, from Kathmandu to Boston and from the Caribbean to Alaska.

Learn more about the OpenQuake Engine or try the command-line version yourself through the OATS service or by downloading a virtual box image.

Scientists from the Balkans working with the OpenQuake Engine during a Hazard Modeling Workshop



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