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partners | 22 Jan 2016

GEM’s collaborative work in the Kathmandu Valley

In collaboration with the University of Kyoto, NSET and the municipalities of Kathmandu, in Nepal, and Yangon, in Myanmar, GEM co-organized the official launching in January 2016 of the project “Enhancement of urban disaster resilience through activities of local participatory platform”. The main purpose of this three-year project is to incorporate the active participation of academy and the community in local-government-led disaster risk reduction initiatives. Based on the understanding of the earthquake risk that will be provided by updated risk assessments led by NSET, the project will facilitate the establishment of local participatory platforms in Kathmandu and Yangon to assist local authorities to achieve their earthquake-resilience goals. Active participation of academia in these platforms will provide local authorities with the necessary information, while participation of the community will provide the necessary political support.  This project has been included within the long-term collaboration framework that has been prepared between GEM and the Government of Nepal, which was developed in collaboration with four Nepali experts who spent a month at the GEM Secretariat.

A similar event is being prepared for March 2016 to officially launch the project in Yangon, Myanmar. Among the activities under preparation is the application of GEM-developed Resilience Performance Scorecard (RPS) in a workshop that will bring together representatives of the community, academia, city organisations and local government.

Official launch of the project in Kathmandu, Nepal on 22 January 2016.


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