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partners | 27 Feb 2016

Peruvian scientist visits GEM in February

Holger Lovon from Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru, visited GEM Risk Team at Pavia in February, to work on the vulnerability assessment of self-constructed confined masonry buildings.  This building technique is very popular in Peru and is usually performed by small to very small building contractors or by homeowners as self-built exercise. In cities like Lima, this type of building accounts for almost 70% of the building stock.  During his five week visit, Holger has been working on developing fragility curves for this type of building.

In reflecting on his experience, Holger noted that,“GEM is a very coordinated organisation, the problems are being resolved very quickly and the work environment is very dynamic. It has been really helpful to be surrounded by the experts and to clarify doubts and concerns very quickly. They have been working for a long time on this and it has allowed me to obtain better and faster results”.

Holger’s research, under the supervision of Professor Nicola Tarque, contributes to the regional model GEM has been developing for South America, through the SARA project funded by the Swiss Re Foundation.


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