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partners | 12 Jul 2013

Venezuelan FUNVISIS joins GEM

Venezuelan FUNVISIS (Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas) joins GEM in the global collaborative effort to develop knowledge, tools and resources to improve earthquake risk assessment and resilience.

During the last GEM Governing Board Meeting (27-28 June, Pavia, Italy) the partnership agreement between FUNVISIS and GEM was officially endorsed, and Venezuela has become GEM 15th public participant of this public-private effort.

Aura Fernandez, President of FUNVISIS, attended the meeting and expressed her appreciations for the newly signed partnership: “By signing the partnership between FUNVISIS and GEM, Venezuela joins the global discourse on seismic risk assessment and risk resilience, which is pivotal to the sustainable development of the country and its communities. FUNVISIS strongly believes in this partnership and is committed  to contributing to the GEM collaborative effort, both at the national level and within the South-American and Caribbean region.”


This partnership is of paramount importance to enhance understanding of seismic risk in a very vulnerable region of the world.“It is a mutually beneficial partnership” said Rui Pinho, GEM Secretary-General, “It contributes to making the pursuit of GEM mission possible, supporting an open forum where partners can capitalize on GEM  knowledge and tools, but also distill and provide their own experience and knowledge, turning it into a resource for the global community".

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