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regions | 15 Apr 2013

Creating synergies in the Caribbean and Central America

Julio Garcia (INOGS, Trieste) and Maria Belen Benito (UPM, Spain), collaborating with GEM on hazard and risk assessment in the Caribbean and Central America, went to the Greater Antilles for a weeklong visit of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In Haiti a four days meeting with experts from Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Puerto Rico, took place, hosted by the National Observatory of the Environment and Vulnerability of Haiti (ONEV).

In the framework of their trip, they also met public Haitian representatives as well as cooperation and funding agencies operating in Haiti with two main goals in mind:

  • Trying to build a lasting collaboration for hazard and risk assessment on the Greater Antilles
  • Achieving full integration of Haiti into the regional context and how in particular, Haiti could benefit from GEM (for example as a public participant) and European institutions such as UMP and NORSAR

In a very “fast” one-day visit to the Dominican Republic they also met scientists and representatives of Haiti's neighbour. 

In addition to working in the Caribbean, Maria Belen Benito and Julio Garcia are trying to increase collaboration on Central America within the scope of GEM, leveraging the excellent existing work carried out by UPM as well as other projects such as RESIS II (NORSAR), with a current focus on integrated hazard assessment.

>> Read more about GEM-related activities in the Caribbean and Central America.

Activities in the wider continent

This development of increased collaboration can be seen in the entire Latin American continent (link to, where scientists from currently 8 different countries are working on harmonizing hazard for the region. Their aim is to expand the effort to include all countries. The AGU 2013 Meeting of the Americas that will be held in Cancun Mexico from 14-17 May will be the perfect occasion to discuss this and more. The session “Regional and national seismic hazard models: Challenges in Latin-America" is co-sponsored by GEM and features many collaborators of the regions. Learn more and come meet us @AGU Americas!

Further information

Anyone that is interested to learn more about the above activities, feel free to contact Julio Garcia at any time at

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