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regions | 21 Jun 2013

Discussing seismic hazard models in the Americas

GEM collaborators and invited lecturers discussed with colleagues from throughout the continent about seismic hazard modelling from 14-17 May during a special session of the AGU Americas on seismic hazard models. There was also a GEM booth to explain AGU participants about the various GEM-related activities across the continent.

Regional and National Seismic Hazard Models: Challenges in Latin America

Due to different levels in development of seismic hazard models in the various countries of the region, hazard harmonisation will likely be beneficial to all, supporting collobration - learning and characterizing hazard together, combining data and knowledge across borders and border-areas.

Creating a network

Many seemed interested in collaboration on seismic hazard and at the booth several new ideas on making that happen, both in South and Central America. The booth was also a meeting point for the various experts that collaborated on GEM’s global projects, in particular the databases. Questions, suggestions and ideas for data review related to hazard were discussed and sometimes readily resolved. All such discussions, contributed to network building as basis for further (open) discussions on hazard and risk assessment in the region.

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