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regions | 21 Feb 2016

GEM’s recent achievements in Africa

Under a USAID-funded project, GEM has continued to make significant contributions to understand and manage earthquake risk in Africa. In terms of hazards, significant advances have been made in the last months in all the aspects of the preparation of the regional hazard model for Africa, including a new version of the earthquake catalogue that has been recently produced using an updated release of the GEM catalogue toolkit.

Advances in Earthquake risk assessment in Africa have been also made. Fragility Functions for building typologies identified from the exposure model for the region have been finalized for damage and loss estimation.  These functions are the first of its kind defined specifically for the region and thus becomes the first effort for further research on seismic vulnerability of buildings in Sub Saharan Africa. Further, qualitative solutions have been developed to determine the key indicators required for a social and economic vulnerability mapping in the region by judging the importance of each indicator by sub-theme.


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