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social media | 21 Mar 2016

Social media outreach with a new blog and a more active presence

To disseminate information on advances, activities, OpenQuake updates and other news on Integrated Earthquake Risk, February 2016 has seen the launch of the GEM Integrated Risk Blog. The weekly blog is managed by GEM’s Physical Risk and Social Vulnerability and Resilience teams and in its first post, Catalina Yepes has written about the Exposure Model produced for South America.

Members of the GEM family are invited to visit, offer comment and consider proposing your own contributions to the blog.

More outreach via social media can be found on our various Twitter feeds (@GEMwrld @gem_risk @gem_hazard and @gem_devs), as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A sense of our growth in February can be felt from this Twitter analytics screenshot.


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