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Partner with GEM

Together with its partners, the GEM Foundation creates value for an earthquake resilient future. There are different ways in which you can partner with the GEM Foundation.

Partnerships Options

1. Become part of the GEM Foundation as a Public or a Private Participant.

Enter into an inspiring and highly valuable network of experts and experienced leaders in earthquake risk assessment from public and private sectors around the globe. Your organisation will take seat in the Governing Board and take strategic decisions on how GEM moves forward. You will be invited to workshops and meetings to discuss (use of) products, learn about new plans and opportunities, and work together with other partners and the Secretariat to test, enhance and review products.


  • Munich Re is one of the foundation’s founders and an active collaborator since the start of GEM
  • NSET, Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology joined the partnership in 2012

See which public and private organisations joined the partnership so far.

2. Support and (co)fund an earthquake risk assessment project that effectively supports risk reduction and connects to your mission and work.

Gain inspiration from collaborations between public agencies and local and international experts to jointly develop actionable risk data and information which is locally-informed, yet follows the latest technical and scientific development.


  • The Swiss Re Foundation is funding a project on integrated risk assessment in South America, which includes development of scenarios for important cities such as Lima and Quito
  • USAID (OFDA) is funding a project which includes integrated risk assessment in Eastern Africa, where the focus thus far has mainly been on earthquake hazard

Read more about GEM projects.

3. Support and (co)fund a technical project that fills critical technical gaps in earthquake hazard or risk assessment

  • FM Global is co-funding the enhancement of the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Catalogue
  • OYO Corporation will fund work on (sub)soil conditions

4. Propose a custom collaboration or donation

You can for example support training activities, or develop apps that leverage off / communicate with GEM products or events.

Project / Implementation Partners

In addition, the GEM Foundation works with capable institutions from around the globe as implementing partners to carry out projects and to enhance its tools and resources for the community. We are always looking for organizations that could collaborate with us on projects, and in the future possibly act as a knowledge centre for earthquake risk assessment.

Good Reasons to join GEM

Shape GEM’s progress

GEM Foundation participants actively take part in strategic planning. Public and Private Participants make strategic choices and decide on changes in focus when and where needed. 

The board meets twice a year, but members can also take place in special task forces. 

Enter into an inspiring network

GEM is an exciting collaboration between top-level experts and institutions, public, private and international organisations from around the globe that play a leading role in earthquake risk assessment and management. In addition to the board meetings the GEM Foundation increasingly tries to create different occasions a year for partners to meet.

Shape GEM’s future

GEM’s partners decide together on GEM’s second Working Programme and beyond, both at a global and local levels.

The 2014-18 Working Programme emphasises continued development of regional and other collaborations. It also facilitates the use of OpenQuake to support a worldwide community in carrying out risk assessments and increasing the global knowledge base. At the same time we will continue to support groundbreaking science globally.

Contribute to earthquake risk reduction

Partners play a key role in helping to ensure that tools and resources developed within the scope of GEM help to reduce earthquake death, destruction, dislocation and monetary losses from global down to local scale. Partners also help to build new collaborations to leverage GEM’s resources for mutual benefit.