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Public Participant

Public Participation

Regional, national, subnational and city agencies who are responsible for earthquake risk and risk assessment, are invited to join and become a Public Participant of the GEM Foundation.

The knowledge and expertise on earthquake risk assessment that GEM can offer is unique, and so is the experience and skills that public institutions can bring for the benefit of GEM's mission. In addition, public participants can share experience and synergize with other participants in the development of seismic hazard and risk mapping, building code development and enforcement, retrofit strategies, and national insurance programmes. They can also engage in activities carried out on a global and regional scale that affect specific geographic areas.

Instead of becoming participant in the effort, your organisation could also collaborate on specific projects, or events. In addition the GEM Foundation is interested to collaborate with public entities on sharing of data and models. Contact us to share your needs and ideas.


A win-win partnership

Public Participants are of paramount importance for increasing risk awareness and strenghtening resilience at different scales. Only through their engagement can GEM:

  • Achieve its humanitarian mission of reducing seismic risk globally, as it relies on uptake of users applying the products for public risk reduction and resilience building policies and actions
  • Ensure quality of GEM products, as it relies on knowledge and data contribution of national entities and experts
  • Secure sustainability of GEM, as it requires (i) participation in / governance of the public effort in risk mitigation, (ii) Project and programme funding for: regional activities, technology transfer, special science projects, development of OpenQuake, and (iii) In-kind contributions, including local/ regional data and models as well as effective facilitation of the GEM effort, coming through Public Engagements

Defined financial contributions from Public Participants follow a sliding scale based on the OECD formula relating contributions to a country’s national expenditure on research and development (see table below). Currently mostly national-level entities participate, but we are very keen to welcome organisations that work at regional (supra-national), sub-national or city scale.

How to join GEM 

Public Participants  
Contributions € Variable1
Intellectual contribution2

Governing Board 
Voting Seat
Possibility to test (beta) products
Workshops Invitations3
Invitation to GEM events

1) Sliding scale relative to GERD, per table  
2) Data, models, expertise, results, etc.
3) Twice a year, allowing for discussions with and learning from GEM staff and scientists, and proving direct influence in GEM strategy and product development


Gross Domestic Expenditure on
Research and Development (GERD)
(current PPP $)1
Annual GEM
 GERD > $50,000 million  € 275,000
 $50,000 m > GERD > $25,000 m  € 170,000
 $25,000 m > GERD > $10,000 m € 100,000
 $10,000 m > GERD > $2,000 m   € 70,000
 $2,000 m > GERD > $1,000 m    € 30,000
 GERD < $1,000 m    € 15,000

There are more options besides becoming a participant in the GEM Foundation. If you or your organisation would like to partner with GEM to support a regional programme, work on a joint scientific project, read more in the section 'Support GEM'.