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Support GEM

Worldwide Collaboratives

GEM has many  collaborators around the globe; organisations that believe in the effort and that are supporting a spectific activity, for example related to regional programmes, or organisations that are providing funding to the GEM Foundation to invest in those areas of the effort that need it most.

However, we are ambitious and would like to do much more especially in the world most vulnerable areas, we look forward to discuss with many more organisations how to create strategic partnerships. Contact us for more information.

Associate Participants

The knowledge and networks of our associate participants are key to advancing together the GEM effort. These non-funding partners sit on the Governing Board and contribute by creating synergies and mutually beneficial initiatives. To mention but a few examples, together with the Worldbank and GFDRR we are working on regional activities, open-source and open-data initiatives, IASPEI helps us to connect to the international community of seismologists, and with UNISDR we work on the Global Assessment Report and other related knowledge-exchange initiatives, such as the workshop of UNISDR's scientific committee that we hosted in Pavia, in the run-up to the 2011 Global Platform.