These manuals and instructions help you in working with the various OpenQuake tools.

OQ Manuals and Books 

OpenQuake Engine User Manual


OpenQuake Engine Books

OpenQuake Engine Hazard Science Book (10.4 MB)

OpenQuake Engine Risk Science Book (3.1 MB)

A comprehensive and transparent description of the methodologies adopted during the implementation of the hazard component of the OpenQuake-engine, an open-source hazard and risk calculation engine.

OpenQuake Engine Hazard Testing Procedures (22.7 MB)

Testing procedures adopted in the development of the hazard component of the OpenQuake engine 



OATS User Guide

Brief instructions on how to use OATS; GEM's web-service to test OpenQuake tools online. 

Installing the tools on your PC

Installing Images of OpenQuake Engine and OpenQuake Modeller