General OpenQuake Platform Help Topics



This page is intended to provide an overview of how to access and navigate the OpenQuake platform


Logging in and out of the Platform

Before accessing the Platform you will need to register for an account

When first visiting the Platform one is presented with the main login access point where you can enter your Platform credentials

To log out of the Platform, click on the dropdown selection menu next to your account name on the top right of the page and select 'logout


User Profile

Once you are logged into the Platform you can modify your user profile, avatar and password from the dropdown selection menu next to your account name on the top right of the page



The Platform is packed with information, custom applicaitons and tools. All of this has been oganized into three main categories

Calcualte, Share and Explore

Each category page contains links to all of the respective tools, and applications


Exploring Layers

The Platform has the capability to ingest and render geographic data in the form of a layer also known as map layer. The organization of layers begins with the layers over view page. Access the layer overview page by navigating to the Explore Layers Page.

From this page users can upload, download and search for layers that are hosted on the Platform By selecting a layer you will be taken to a layer detail page:

Users have the ability to set the permissions of their layers to discriminte how the layer can be used. You must be the owner of a layer to alter it's permission settings. To modify the permissions of a layer, navigate to the layers page, select the layer. Once you are on the layers detail page you can modify the permission by selecting "Change Layer Permissions":

The permissions opntions can then be modified:


Exploring Maps

The Platform allows users to compose maps. You can think of a map's behavior like a file on your computer. Just like a file, a maps can be created and saved and an exisiting map can be modified and saved as a new map. A map can be composed using one or many layers that are hosted by the Platform Maps are organized in the same way as layers (described above), there is a maps overview page, and for each map there is a map detail page. The over view page is where you can search through all the maps avalable in the platform. From the map detail page users can download the map, view a list of layers that are used in the map, create a new map that is a copy of the existing map, and modify the map permissions


Creating Maps

The Platform includes a map composing tool called GeoExplorer. To access the GeoExplorer, navigate to

and then select

With the GeoExplorer you can mix together multiple layers into a single map, save the map, copy the map, share the map, revisite the map layer and continue making changes