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GEM promotes a culture of transparency, openness and sharing. We welcome enquiries from the national and international press, and from the general and specialized media wishing to cover the work of GEM, depicting challenges and achievements of tackling collaboratively earthquake risk assessment and risk resilience.

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GEM in the News 

EOS| June 2015

Seismic Hazard Assessment: Honing the Debate, Testing the Models| April 2015


NDRF | April 2015

Scientists warned of ageing risk maps before Nepal quake | April 2015

Nepal caught unprepared for disasters

American Society of Civil Engineers | January 2015

Open, Global Earthquake Modeling System Available

Live Science | September 2014

An earthquake GEM: Big Data May Prevent Deaths

Seismological Research Letters | September 2014

Quality Assurance for Logic Tree Implementation in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Nuclear Applications: A Practical Example

Seismological Research Letters | September 2014

The prediction problems of Earthquake System Science

Earthquake Spectra | June 2014

The Global Earthquake History

Seismological Research Letters | May 2014

The AHEAD Portal: A Gateway to European Historical Earthquake Data

Seismological Research Letters | May 2014

OpenQuake Engine: An Open Hazard (and Risk) Software for GEM | February 2014

Tide turns for global earthquake risk project

TIME | August 2013

Aftershocks Could Raise Earthquake Risks for Vulnerable Cities

CBC British Columbia | August 2013

Megaquake aftershocks pose lasting danger

National Public Radio | August 2013

Can A Big Earthquake Trigger Another One? (audio recording)

NBC News Science | August 2013

Big worldwide database aims to identify quake risks, reduce deaths

Science | August 2013

Megacity Megaquakes—Two Near Misses

Le Monde | August 2013

Des séismes sans précédent historique sont possibles en Europe

BBC World Service | June 2013 

Forecasting Earthquakes (audio recording) 

Science | June 2013

Seismic Data Set Could Improve Earthquake Forecasting

Nature News  | June 2013

Seismology: Quake catcher

Risk management

Japan Times | May 2012

Lessons learned fromt the great Japan Earthquake

Nature News | 2 June 2010

Earthquake risk calculator goes global

GEM mentions

  • June 2012 - In the special  by the government of Mexico and the World Bank ‘Improving the Assessment of Disaster Risks to Strengthen Financial Resilience’
  • April 2012 - As part of John Schneider's  at a UN General Assembly Panel Discussion on Building Resilience through Innovative Risk Management