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GEM Brochure

Communication Materials | 24 Sep 2012 > GEM overview brochure (20 pages) Author: GEM Foundation Date: May 2013

Understanding GEM’s Potential Beneficiaries

Technical Reports | 03 Jun 2012 > Understanding GEM’s Potential Beneficiaries: A Study of Earthquake Risk Reduction Activities, Needs, and Barriers

GEM1 Executive Summary & Technical Reports

Technical Reports | 31 Oct 2010 > GEM1, a pilot project launched to generate GEM’s first products and develop the initial IT infrastructure, ran from January 2009 to March 2010. The final Executive Summary and 9 Technical Reports were produced to present the main results of the project.

GEM 2009/2010 report 2nd edition

Communication Materials | 01 Jun 2010 > Global Earthquake Model, 2009/2010 Report, Second Edition