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GEM 2009/2010 report 2nd edition

Almost halfway through, the report takes stock of the progress of GEM’s first Working Programme (2009-2013).

The snapshot depicts the work of hundreds of individuals, supported by the wider community, developing databases, approaches, models and tools on hazard, vulnerability, exposure and socio-economic impact. At the same time the development of GEM’s innovative, web-based platform OpenGEM, together with its underlying OpenQuake calculating engine, advances steadily and surely.
Workshops around the globe are organised, to describe the capabilities of the software and how it may be readily downloaded, contributed to, tried, and tested.

The tragic events in New Zealand and Japan have further stated the need to improve data and tools for risk assessment and risk reduction globally, but have also proven how effective risk reduction measures can be established when scientific advancements are adequately transposed into construction standards.

This report, including the highlights section, takes you through all the developments, the individuals and teams behind them and the open collaborative/participatory process in which GEM continues to operate, involving a wide community of scientists, developers, contributors and stakeholders.



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