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Peer-reviewed Publications

Global modelling: peer-reviewed Publications


Dell’Acqua, F., Gamba, P., Jaiswal, K.  (2012), Spatial aspects of building and population exposure data and their implications for global earthquake exposure modeling, Natural Hazards, June 2012, DOI 10.1007/s11069-012-0241-2.

Pagani, M., Monelli, D., Weatherill, G., Danciu, L., Crowley, H., Silva, V., Henshaw, P., Bulter, L., Matteo, N., Panzeri, L., Simionato, M., Vigano, D. (2013), OpenQuake-engine: An Open Hazard (and Risk) Software for the Global Earthquake Model. Seismological Research Letters. (submitted for publication)

Silva, V., Crowley, H., Pagani, M., Monelli, D., Pinho, R (2013), Development of the OpenQuake engine, the Global Earthquake Model’s open-source software for seismic risk assessment, Natural Hazards, March 2013, DOI 10.1007/s11069-013-0618-x

Stewart, J.P., Douglas, J., Javanbarg, M., Bozorgnia, Y., Abrahamson, N.A., Boore, D.M., Campbell, K.W., Delavaud, E., Erdik, M., Stafford, P.J. (2013), Selection of Ground Motion Prediction Equations for the Global Earthquake Model, Earthquake Spectra. (in press),  DOI 10.1193/013013EQS017m.


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