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Selection of a Global Set of Ground Motion Prediction Equations

The GEM Global Ground Motion Prediction Equations project had the objective of selecting and recommending a harmonized suite of ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) to be used at the global and regional levels for hazard analysis and loss estimation studies. The project’s objective was achieved by a distinguished international team of experts using a unified, transparent and collaborative approach that built on the most recent advances in the field.

The main Technical Report of this project has been published by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center (PEER):

PEER 2013/22 - GEM-PEER Task 3 Project: Selection of a Global Set of Ground Motion Prediction Equations. Jonathan P. Stewart, John Douglas, Mohammad B. Javanbarg, Carola Di Alessandro, Yousef Bozorgnia, Norman A. Abrahamson, David M. Boore, Kenneth W. Campbell, Elise Delavaud, Mustafa Erdik, and Peter J. Stafford


This report offers an overview of the most recent and commonly adopted GMPEs created for the four main tectonic regions: (a) shallow crustal earthquakes in active tectonic regions, (b) shallow crustal earthquakes in stable continental regions, (c) subduction zone interface earthquakes, and (d) subduction zone intraslab (Wadati-Benioff) earthquakes. Additionally, volcanic zones, deep non-focus subduction zones and zones with travel path along oceanic crust are considered. Candidate GMPEs for the prediction of horizontal linear elastic response spectral ordinates for 5% damping are identified and reviewed; large suites of GMPEs for various tectonic regimes based on application of appropriate exclusion criteria are then proposed.

global, ground motion prediction equation, peer