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The intensive 3 days course titled "The Global Earthquake Model - Physical Vulnerability" organized by the University College of London in cooperation with GEM, SECED and the Epicentre research group will offer a comprehensive overview on GEM Analytical and Empirical Vulnerability Guidelines. The approach to physical vulnerability will include methodologies based on statistical treatment of post event damage data analysis and those based on numerical simulation of structural response and damage.

Applications of the Guidelines to real scenarios will let participants become confident with the use of the OpenQuake platform and with some specific tools as GEM Vulnerability Database and Risk Modellers Toolkit.

The course is aimed at seismic engineers, catastrophe modellers, researchers and civil protection officers with civil engineering and/or statistic background at Master level and/or experience in seismic risk assessment. 


How to register

The course number is limited to 20 participants and registrations are now open. To subscribe for this course please click HERE.
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