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Brand guidelines

Promoting GEM across geographies and disciplines is of paramount importance for GEM, for delivering on its mission and supporting communities worldwide. The broad promotion of GEM through different channels and at different levels has a twofold impact. On the one hand it allows GEM to grow in terms of community, supporters, networks and sponsors; on the other hand it broadens the network of GEM users, whose knowledge and expertise feed into GEM products in a virtuous circle.

We appreciate the efforts of people and institutions aiming to promote GEM, and wish to support them as much as possible.

Below you can see a graph featuring GEM collaborations and projects worldwide:

GEM collaborations worldwide - 2014

GEM_slideset_instructions (85.5 KB)

How to promote GEM

If you would like to give a presentation or write about GEM and/or GEM different projects, here below you can find a standard GEM presentation and some instructions:

GEM slideset (15.3 MB)

Please contact us to receive ppt slides that you can use and customise, or additional material.

If you need GEM and/or OpenQuake logos, please fill in the form here below. Soon after the submission you will receive an e-mail directing you to a link where you can download a zip file containing the logo in different formats.

For some tips and guidelines on how to use the GEM logo, please consult GEM Brand Guidelines.

If there is anything else we can assist you with please write to


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