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Latin America

Harmonising hazard in Latin America

As part of another initiative, scientists have started to work together on harmonising seismic hazard in the Caribbean, Central and South America across borders. To create a shared understanding of hazard – and based on that seismic risk - is essential s a basis for cross-border policy-making and emergency response, as well as for further research and collaboration in other areas.

It is a bottom-up project that currently already involves individuals and organisations from 8 countries. By far not yet all and the group is looking forward to other organisations and experts joining the effort!   

The experts follow this process:

  1. identification of models > open discussion > selection of models
  2. the models are analysed with help of knowledge from GEM’s global databases, tools and projects as well as new knowledge is sought
  3. harmonization proposals and testing

1: Discussion

2: Analysing different models

3: Testing models with the OpenQuake Engine