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Knowledge Sharing

GEM promotes and stimulates knowledge sharing across borders, sectors and disciplines.

There are 3 main channels used to catalyze, distil and share knowledge:

  1. GEM Nexus
  2. International Meetings
  3. Workshops and Training

1) GEM Nexus

GEM Nexus is GEM collaboration platform, here you can meet hundreds of experts and professionals from around the globe, who are working collectively on state-of-the-art global earthquake risk assessment. Through Nexus GEM tries to foster a culture of transparency, openness and participation, you can easily register and start sharing knowledge, debating and collaborating with the GEM community.

GEM Nexus is centered around groups:

  • Global groups working on Hazard, Exposure, Physical and Social Vulnerability, Risk and Impact, Testing and Evaluation, GEM’s risk assessment platform and software components, the bodies of the GEM Foundation; and

  • Regional groups representing the various GEM Regional Programmes.

In Nexus you can find, download and comment material, check out the calendar of meetings and events and contribute remotely to the work of different working groups around specific themes.

To learn more on how GEM Nexus works

2) International Meetings

GEM is very active in sharing knowledge at international meetings organized by partners or by the GEM Foundation.

International meetings represent an opportunity to share the achievements of the joint collaborative effort but also to receive precious feedback from the community, and better understand the needs of the communities we strive to serve.

To give you just a brief overview of the meetings GEM has been involved in lately you can click here.

3) Workshops and Training

In collaboration with partners around the world GEM arranges workshops to facilitate multi-disciplinary debate on earthquake risk science by bringing together experts, and providing trainings to facilitate use of GEM tools and resources.

Workshops are organised to share know-how and insights with our partners, to discuss their needs, and to connect them directly to the global community of scientists.

Through training collaborators gain hands-on skills to effectively use the various GEM products.

To check out some of our latest workshops click here and to know more on upcoming workshops.

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